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Construction Supervisor

A civil construction supervisor is an important position found at many infrastructural projects. A civil construction supervisor is the day-to-day recorder and analyzer for infrastructure projects. As the name suggests, they are employed for civil construction projects, or projects that municipalities, states, or federal governments set up. Because of this, most civil construction supervisors have expertise in civil engineering, building codes, transportation science or other crafts associated with public infrastructure.
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Some of the representative duties
Supervise preparation of plans, specifications, schedules, and cost estimates for new construction, modernization, and relocatable buildings; assist in organizing services necessary for construction.

Coordinate and attend meetings between district staff and outside consultants during the design process; work closely with and act as district liaison to consultants in the preparation of design and construction documents for projects.

Administer contracts; evaluate schedules; monitor progress of the contractors on projects; ensure that project deadlines are met. Supervise support technician or other assigned personnel, and to act as District liaison for labor compliance issues related to construction.

Research and assist in procurement of data for the preparation of district standards for buildings, systems, equipment and landscape. Review designs and working drawings for compliance with district standards to assure they are appropriate and complete.

Supervise the preparation of plans for the correction and removal of fire, life-safety and access compliance deficiencies in existing facilities which have been identified by fire and other code enforcement officers. Assist in the development of planning guides and scoping documents; assist in expediting projects through the Division of the State Architect and required local regulatory review.

To be a good Supervisor, one should

  • Maintain accurate records during each construction job. This includes recording all material, equipment and labor costs. It also includes keeping records of each phase of the construction process in case a lawsuit or other discrepancy occurs later on.
  • Communicate effectively with all workers and treat them with respect. For a construction job to run smoothly and minimize setbacks, it's important the construction supervisor keeps communication flowing.
  • Resolve conflicts as they occur. An additional characteristic of a good construction supervisor is minimizing conflicts. Therefore, you should handle conflicts between workers professionally and and fairly as possible.
  • Practice essential safety guidelines. One important task is keeping all workers safe and injury-free. As a result, the supervisor must mandate that workers wear proper safety equipment such as boots, a hard hat, goggles or any other necessary items. In addition, keep each job site clean and free from potential hazards like obstacles that could trip a worker
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