Saturday, 11 February 2012

Why Civil Engineering is the best option?

It involves a broad combination of all the sub-disciplines within engineering, and Civil Engineers frequently work on complex projects which involve a lot of technical, economic, social and environmental factors. Therefore an individual as an engineer, can be responsible for the design and construction of enormous projects that involves mostly disturbing of the ground surface during the construction of the following:

  • Roads and bridges
  • Large buildings (sky scrapers, malls, etc)
  • Landfills
  • Dams, etc
The best part of it is that it is composed of almost enjoyable subjects in the history of education, that is, every one can enjoy the following topics:
  1. Math
  2. Physics
  3. Hydraulics
  4. Chemistry and many others.
If one majors in Civil Engineering, he will probably choose from one of many different specialties in the field including transportation, structures, materials, hydrosystems, geotechnical, environmental, and construction. When you graduate, you shouldn't have a problem getting a job as the demand for Civil Engineers seems to increase every single day!!

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